At the recent Bridal & Social Events Show The Jungle introduces an official “Bridal Registry”


Just one visit to The Jungle, conveniently located across the harbor free zone, in the Eagle commercial area, will turn any interior space into a ‘home.’

The Jungle’s diverse and unique collection of furnishings and accessories comes to Aruba from around the world, and store buyer Daveed Nataf remembers that no two people are alike, so that the store always offers a variety of designs, befitting any pocket, taste and lifestyle.

Recently at the Westin Aruba Resort during the Bridal & Social Events Show, the Jungle introduced its new “Bridal Registry.”

And if you are sounding wedding bells and if your wedding day is nearing, you should stop over at the Jungle, for an out-of-the-box solution to wedding gift confusions.

Brides are invited to visit The Jungle and choose the furniture or the accessories of their liking. “Feel free to ask us for creative input,” say interior decorator Estelle and store manager Marilyn.

Together, brides may create a “Bridal Registry” of the pieces they desire, listed by their preference and by their price.

When the “Bridal Registry” gets mentioned on wedding invitations, the suggestion to visit The Jungle is made, and guests may  pick a lovely wedding gift for the love-birds, in accordance to their budget.

“Should you be interested in our new Bridal Registry,” says Marilyn,”please give us a call, while it’s a jungle out there, we’re pretty organized and reasonable down here; we will be pleased to further explore all details with you.”

Pictured here the great reveal as the Jungle rolls out its Bridal Registry at the recent Westin Aruba Resort Bridal & Social Events Show, where the Jungle had its lovely collection on display