At Le D̫me РAn incredible gift for a super lucky guest

Le Dôme Restaurant will receive its 300,000th visitor this month!

Celebration giftWhen it will be is going to be a big surprise, but everyone at fabulous Le Dôme Restaurant knows already that the 300,000th visitor will stroll in during this month. “We won’t tell you how far away or how close we are,” says restaurant manager Marco van der Linden, “but the guest in question will receive an incredible gift.” This gift is a bottle of a most special Grand Cru Sauternes Bordeaux, a Château d’Yquem, which dates back to the year 1918. Its value: a whopping US $ 2,650.–! For the fortunate dinner guests who are in the restaurant when the winner walks in, there is a complimentary bottle of wine for each table to celebrate this milestone.

Le Dôme Restaurant opened its doors in 1997 and established itself as one of Aruba’s top restaurants on the island. With an eye for detail, exquisite cuisine and superb service, it has stood out for eleven years now. The restaurant is well-known for its seasonal specialties like the asparagus (the white gold) season in the spring, the mussels in August and the game season in the fall. Although faithfully sticking to traditional Belgian-French cuisine, the kitchen has made a few minor changes through the years, following modern trends in its own way. Chef Paul Zijlstra has put his touch to quite a few tantalizing dishes that make his guests come back for more…

But back to the bottle: this wine, bottled during the final year of the First World War, hails from a very small vineyard in south-west France. The produce of the Yquem vineyard is so exquisite, that mere words do not do it justice. The Lur-Saluces family, owners, make only one small glass of wine per single vine, if one would count their vines. Logical that they wish to make drinking a glass of their wine an unforgettable experience. The aroma, the bouquet, of this special 1918 bottle alone will probably make you swoon. So let us fervently hope that you will be the 300,000th guest of Le Dôme Restaurant this month!

Dinner reservations are possible from Tuesday thru Sunday by telephone (587-1517) or e-mail (info@ledome-aruba.acom) or via the website ( Sunday Brunch at Le Dôme with its à la carte service is a long-time favorite that should not be missed by anyone.