At Amazonia Churrascaria / Sushi Salsa, Good Wine Paired with Fantastic Food

Palm Beach — It’s true, says Aruba Trading Company resident wine expert Glenn de Kaey, life is too short to drink mediocre wine.
Glenn picked five different bottles, four by the Cavit Collection, America’s #1 Italian wine, and one by S.A Prum, one of Germany’s preeminent winemaking dynasties for a tasting he conducted at Amazonia Churrascaria/Sushi Salsa for an audience made up of the restaurant carvers and servers. Guest of honor AJ, Aaron Jay, of the Cavit Collection joined in for the afternoon session which was designed to expand the staff’s knowledge of the extensive wine card.
The tasting took off with Lunetta Prosecco, a delicious sparkling wine produced by Cavit in its large facility in Trento, dedicated exclusively to the production of world-class sparkling wines. Lunetta Prosecco, little moon in Italian, is a delightful companion for appetizers, hors d’oeuvres or sushi, pairing nicely with Amazonia Churscaria’s salad bar or its artistic sushi.
Cavit Pinot Grigio was next on the agenda for the afternoon, appreciated world wide as a genuine Italian best seller, a fresh, fruity and versatile wine which in a blind tasting that afternoon received the highest scores over some of the world’s most famous Pino Grigios.
Cavit Pino Noir, remarkable for its delicate aromas of black cherry paired with a silky smooth taste, rated high among tasters as the wine lends itself beautifully to meat and/ or seafood and would be the perfect companion for a party of Beef and Sushi lovers.
Cavit Moscato, with apricot and peach notes, a refreshing effervescent and slightly sweet wine, was deemed the perfect match for Sushi Salsa’s spicy tuna rolls.
And for dessert Essence Riesling, from the Mosel region in Germany surprised tasters with its pale gold color and its exquisite taste prepared to satisfy and please every palate.
Glenn stated that the Aruba Trading Company, appreciates the Amazonia Churrascaria highly motivated crew and often hosts tastings and seminars to further its knowledge of wine pairing.
Pictured here the pleasant process of uncorking and then sipping Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Pino Noir, Moscato, and Riesling, perfect selections to accompany any steak lover’s or sushi lover’s feast at the restaurant.
Also on hand for the tasting the Aruba Trading Company’s Kavey Yarzagaray and the restaurants’ manager Raymond Talbot .