Aruba’s Celebrity Chef Urvin Croes, of White Modern Cuisine, Cooks Up a Storm in Mexico

Palm Beach — Aruba’s very own celebrity chef, Urvin Croes, proprietor White Modern Cuisine, winner Iron Chef Competition 2013, was invited by the Kendall-Jackson Winery to participate in the prestigious Culinary Series in Mexico, as the winery’s Brand Ambassador.

The event in Mexico, a monthly gathering of chefs from around the globe, embraces two culinary soirees each time, the first one considered a Cooking Demo where the featured celebrity chef conceives and executes a special menu for a select group of 40 connoisseurs, and the second one, a five-course gala showcase, where the extended same menu is served to 150 party-goers.
The food prepared in the kitchen theater by the featured celebrity chef is expertly paired with wines by wine artist Robin Calkins, manager of the Direct to Consumer Business, Kendall-Jackson Winery.
Chef Croes reports that the variety of wines which were served with his food, such as Kendall-Jackson wines and Yangarra Estate Wines from Australia, lent the evening its global appeal and international flavor. The chef also adds it was a real pleasure making his signature dishes with fresh Mexican local market ingredients.
The main purpose of this trip, he states, was to promote Aruba as a culinary destination, and establish the island as a progressive favorite for wine and food lovers.
Staying at the El Dorado Royale all-inclusive Gourmet Hotel, the chef worked hand in hand with the Executive Chefs Eric Peters and Manoli Rodriguez, who were both very helpful with the preparations for the Culinary Series.
White Modern Cuisine in Aruba has been working with Arion Wine Company, purveyors of Kendall-Jackson wines, for an extended period of time, and prides itself on its excellent wine card. Additionally, since the opening of the restaurant, the Kendall-Jackson Winery has sponsored an annual Wine Master Dinner there, which always enjoys resounding success.
Pictured here, Chef Urvin Croes, from Aruba, in Mexico, cooking exhibition style.