Aruba’s Best Pages prepare to launch

aruba-best-pages-1A very clever product is preparing to launch early next week. It is a very useful service designed to stop confusion, totally and completely!

As we all know, both locals and visitors have been complaining for years that finding a specific address on the island is a complicated challenge and that numbers often make no sense and that street signs are missing and that residents are always as lost as island visitors.

All that will be history after Monday, April 27th, at 3 p.m. when a press conference introduces Aruba’s Best Pages, a new free public service!

The press conference at Rembrandt Café, South Beach Centre, behind the Hard Rock Café, will unveil, to the Aruban public.

Naturally, the icon of Aruba’s Best Pages says it all: a big happy smiley, prepared to assist companies and individuals finding specific addresses and business information, contact details, web links, and map locations. Companies may naturally seize the moment and advertise their services as well.

All will be revealed Monday, say Theo Valize and Milo Van Linden, facilitating the debut of Aruba’s Best Pages, a multi-lingual service in English and Dutch with a Papiamento and an Spanish version coming , capable of linking to social media and personal profiles on Facebook, Hyves, MySpace, Linkedin & YouTube, and that is what we call exciting news!!

Pictured here Theo and the Sales Team.