Aruba Tourism Authority, EZ-Go and Tierra del Sol Golf Course present Aruba International Pro-Am Golf Tournament 2010

The Aruba Tourism Authority hosted an informal press conference at Tierra del Sol Golf Course to announce the 16th annual Aruba Pro-Am Golf Tournament coming this weekend.
A great number of teams will participate hailing from 10 countries with the USA, St. Thomas, Holland, Aruba, Curacao, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Argentina among them.
The international representatives of the Aruba Tourism Authority have been preparing for this world class golf event by running “Copa Aruba,” a local golf tournament in their respective countries.
The winners of those local tournaments are selected to play here at the Aruba International PRO-AM Golf Tournament, unfolding August 27th to 29th at Tierra del Sol.
The Aruba International Pro-Am tournament born as the Johnny Walker Tournament changed its name 9 years ago when the Aruba Tourism Authority took it over as an international event promoting Aruba as a golf destination.
The tournament is now also sponsored by Balashi Beer, AWA & Samuel Adams, Colombian Emeralds International, Aruba Aloe, Divi Links, and TopCar offering a car for the winner of a-hole-in-one during the two-day tournament.
Registration will take place on Friday at the club-house, with a shot gun start scheduled for 12:30 on Saturday.
Helping host players during their stay, Divi Village and Tierra del Sol’s villa rental department.
Some top Golf Pros are expected to play including the local pros from Tierra del Sol, Adam Williamson and from Divi Links James Kiley.