Aruba Bank Unveils An Original And Unique Work of Art By Local Artist Ciro Abath

HATO — During the opening celebration of Aruba Bank’s new branch in Hato on Saturday, invited guests witnessed the unveiling of a spectacular sculpture created by local artist Ciro Abath. Aruba Bank commissioned Abath to create a centerpiece, a sculpture destined to become an icon, a work of art which brings together an impressive expression of historic, cultural and communal values.

One of the elements which inspired Abath for his design was the physical location of Aruba Bank’s new building. The new bank branch is located in the vicinity of the Tanki Flip dig, where archeologists discovered various artifacts which helped them gain insight into the lives of the people who resided on the island in prehistoric times.

The resulting artwork created by Abath, and cast in bronze,  is approximately 4.40 meters tall. Based on discussions and interviews with archeologists from the Archeological Museum of Aruba, Abath created a column, a symbiosis of strength and confidence – symbolic of the banking industry, and represented in archeological elements – as a living testimony of our history.

The art piece integrates Abath’s interpretation of a pre-Columbus instrument, the stone hatchet, leaning on a base of massive tree roots whose structure and form is derived from and inspired by the local Fofoti tree.

The hatchet represents the spirit of work and creativity possessed by our island’s people; the roots connect the sculpture to its foundation, representing their cultural and historical relations, as they intertwine.

At the base of the sculpture, between the roots, one can observe the shape of an ancient burial urn, as well as a lizard. The hatchet itself, bears various pre-Columbus symbols. Some other recognizable elements are the owl, a frog and one more, which is up to each person to look for and identify in the sculpture.

With this sculpture, Aruba Bank pays tribute to the history, heritage and population of Aruba, its ancestors and its future, in a beautiful interpretation  of strength and complexity, while at the same time stimulating and creating an interest for art in the community.

Management and personnel of Aruba Bank invite all clients as well as art and culture lovers to stop by and admire this centerpiece, which enhances the new Aruba Bank branch in Hato.