Aruba Bank Celebrates the Coronation of King Willem-Alexander Introducing Royal Rates: Attractive Interest Rates on Cars, Personal Loans and Mortgages

ORANJESTAD, Aruba – 24 april 2013: As the entire Dutch kingdom celebrates Coronation Weekend, Aruba Bank joins the festivities with a two-week Royal Rates campaign, consisting of attractive Interest rates on cars, personal loans and mortgages.

The island of Aruba has always enjoyed a special relationship with the royal Dutch family and has always expressed a special fondness towards Her Majesty Queen Beatrix, during her 33 years at the kingdom’s helm. Following her January abdication, the Dutch Kingdom will be experiencing a transtion, as His Majesty Prince Willem Alexander assumes duties as the monarch.

Aruba Bank, joins the festivities with a super-special offer which was announced during a press conference in a fully decorated room, festooned with the royal portrait, serving orange cups cakes, under orange baloons and ribbons. In honor of the historic occasion a phonomental offer was introduced for the purchase of cars, and on personal loans and mortgages.

The Royal Rates campaign will no doubt impress those who are looking at a personal loan in order to consolidate their finances, or those who are considering the acquisition of a new car. Making your dream come true by means of a real estate purchase or home construction with a convenient mortgage, is now more lucrative than ever, with payments deferred to August 2013.

Aruba Bank is also prepared to lend you a financial hand, just ahead of the Summer vacation and ahead of the start of a new scholastic year.

Aruba Bank’s Royal Rates campaign is valid from April 25th to May 10th, 2013. You may apply for Royal Rates at any of the Aruba Bank branches during working hours from 8am to 4pm, and at the Customer Service Center at Superfood Plaza, from 9am to 5pm, daily.

On Saturday, you may apply for Royal Rates at the Camacuri Branch and at the Customer Service Center at Superfood Plaza from 9am to 1pm. You may also apply via Aruba Bank’s website,

Aruba Bank offers Royal Rates to the community as a celebratory gesture, welcoming King Willem-Alexander and thanking Queen Beatrix for her many selfless years of service.