Aruba Bank Brings The 2014 World Cup Right to Your Living Room

Ciao Brazil! Share the emotions and don’t miss any goals of the 64 games that will make up the 2014 World Cup, thanks to the partnership between Aruba Bank and Tele Aruba, jointly bringing all of the games, all the way to your own living room.

This will be the 20th world championship of soccer organized by FIFA, and will take place from June 12 to July 13 in Brazil. This is the second time that Brazil hosts the World Cup of soccer. A total of 32 countries will participate in the international soccer tournament, which will take place in 12 different cities across Brazil. This will be the first international championship tournament to be held in Latin America since the last one took place in Argentina in 1978.

Aruba Bank is the main sponsor, making it possible for Tele Aruba to air all of the World Cup games, accompanied by Papiamento commentary from local soccer narrators.

During a special event at TeleAruba, members of Aruba Banks management team, Rocila Acosta, Gina Habibe and Nataly Simmons, together with members of management of TeleAruba, Victor (Toko) Winklaar, Rona Tromp and Giovanny Kock, signed the contract that will make it possible for the entire island of Aruba and the various island communities to receive the signal from our national TV station, thereby enjoying the 2014 World Cup.

“Soccer is a sport that promotes discipline, perseverence and working in a team. These are exactly the values that soccer and Aruba Bank have in common, and those are the main ingredients of success. Aruba Bank has a commitment to our community and part of our sociual responsibility is the support of sports. We at Aruba Bank are very happy to be able to form a partnership with TeleAruba and facilitate the airing of the FIFA 2014 World Cup games,” said Rocila Acosta, member of the management team at Aruba Bank.

Victor (Toko) Winklaar, Director of TeleAruba, remarked: “For us at TeleAruba, it is definitely a pleasure to have Aruba Bank as a partner in the upcoming FIFAl 2014 World Cup. We will bring informative programs that are well put together, which will surely please Aruba Bank’s clients, as well as viewers of TeleAruba”.

As a result of the Aruba Bank & TeleAruba partnership, the transmissions of the FIFA 2014  World Cup games will entertain and thirll audiences here in June & July, enjoying the international games of the world’s most popular sport, in a family and social environments, watching Tele Aruba and its local sports announcers, live, in real time.