Artist Timothy Charles and a group of young artists to create a giant mural

Aruba’s Archeological Museum revealed an ambitious artistic project coming into the parking lot of Kong Hing Supermarket located just across the street from the museum.

While the market donated the wall, local artist Timothy Charles was recruited by the museum to develop a mural, and execute it with the help of budding local artists from Oranjestad and San Nicolas.

Glenrick Franken, 15, Roz Anne Clement, 15, Abisha Chai, 16, Ann Sophy Donk, 17, Rowald Tromp, 20 and Yuxemy Alba, 17, already worked on a mural, that in the parking lot of the Oranjestad bus station, creating 25 colorful panels.

This time, again under the artistic direction of Timothy Charles they will be painting on a broad canvas, scenes inspired by active, healthy living, encouraging those walking past the mural to exercise and eat right.

The mural is part of the Archeological Museum summer program for students and will take about two weeks to complete. Visit the artists any afternoon at the site.

Timothy Charles hosts a TV show by the name of “Creatividad,” each Thursday on Tele Aruba