Artful Cocktail Party Entertains European Writers

An artful cocktail party at the stylish home of painter, and fashion designer Eliza Lejuez entertained prestigious writers of European publications with Dagblad Metro, Dagblad de Pers and Avant Garde among them.

The dignitaries were invited to come to the island by Aruba’s Dutch Public Relations agency. Guests were joined here by Bas van den Nieuwenhuijzen, of Tierra del Sol, and Alex Nieuwmeyer, of Divi, who along with the dedicated Aruba Tourism Authority staffers contributed to an enjoyable interactive affair over just-rolled sushi and cocktails.

Eliza presented an informal expo of beach inspired artwork, displayed in her studio alongside some prototypes of her upcoming clothing line. Eliza has been busy creating fabrics of her own designs as well as soft printed leather, to be used to make her signature, creative tops, skirts and dresses. The artist reports that her first clothing collection will be ready by the end of this year.

The lovely home on Malmokweg and the gallery provided a perfect backdrop for the artful cocktail party, much-enjoyed by the visiting dignitaries.