Art Rules Aruba Launches Two Weeks of Artistic Endeavors

Almost two hundred and fifty youthful participants showed up on time, at 6 p.m. on Friday, at the Surfside Marina, as Art Rules Aruba 2010 launched its official press conference and social mixers, at sunset.

Many of them came with their parents in tow, equally eager to meet the people who made the educational Arts Program for the Youth of Aruba possible.

Founders Ira & Ayra Kip, of the Panacake Gallery Foundation, were on hand to greet participants and to introduce them to the dynamic crew of instructors from around the globe who over the next fortnight will conduct workshops in seven disciplines such as Dance, Theater, Rap & Poetry, DJ-ing, Fashion, Photography & Design and Film.

Art Rules Aruba is a private initiative, a vision that Ira & Ayra had for 29 years, aspiring to use their love for Arts as a tool to aim high, go global and make everything they stand for, a reality. They came to the island about six months ago, and started drumming support for the program one florin at a time, one sponsor at the time, and thanks to their amazing tenacity and stick-to-it-tive-ness managed to make it happen, as envisioned and planned, and fill summer vacation of 2010 with purpose and content.

The attendance, says Shanoulle Bikker, on behalf of Aruba Bank, exceeds our expectations, the bank is focusing on youth this year and this program is just very exciting. Other sponsors such as Ernst & Young & UNOCA helped welcome participants and wish them great progress and productive learning.

Ira & Ayra report that the show at Cas Di Cultura on July 31st will showcase the students’ progress, and the general public is invited to watch the final production, presenting an exclusive Theatrical Multimedia Art Exhibition and Performance.

Tickets for the Art Rules Aruba showcase can be purchased at Cas di Cultura, Unoca and Scol Di Arte. For more information you can also visit

Other sponsors of the program include The Aruba Airport Authority, Playa Linda Beach Resort, La Cabana Beach & Racquet Club, Deloitte, Martijn Trading, PWC, AHATA, Coca Cola, Tropical Bottling, Ministerie van Binnenlandsen Zaken en Koninksrelaties and Marketing Plus NV.

Pictured here the excited faces of participants looking forward to an education summer program, as they meet the Art Rules Aruba cast of characters.