Art Rules Aruba Kicks off July 16th, 2010

An educational Arts program titled Art Rules Aruba will kick off here July 16th.

Conceived and produced by the Pancake Gallery, Art Rules Aruba will offer programs in 7 different disciplines including Theater, Dance, Dj-ing & Music-production, Fashion, Poetry & Rap, Photography & Design and as a bonus workshop a VIP Film program.

The Pancake Gallery has selected a team of renowned international Artists, which will be joined by local professionals, and this team of creatives will collectively introduce, educate and share their professional experience, talent and skills with local teens, providing two-week intensive workshops, several master classes and special events for anyone interested in the Arts.

The Pancake Gallery wants Aruba’s Youth to get involved with the Arts during summer vacation, and benefit from the exposure to abundant knowledge and rich talent.

Ira and Ayra Kip are the motors behind the Pancake Gallery.

Introducing Ira and Ayra Kip

Ira hales from the University of Arts in Amsterdam (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten) becoming a Theater Director with a Masters in Fine Arts from the New School for Drama in New York.

Ayra is a Journalist/Producer with a Bachelor in Media & Arts Management from the Haarlem Business School (Inholland) and a Masters in Journalism from the London University of Arts.

On January 21st 2010, Ira and Ayra launched The Pancake Gallery Foundation.

This organization is based on Aruba and is a subdivision of the Pancake Gallery Company based in The Netherlands and New York.

The Pancake Gallery Foundation focuses on international creative concepts designed to promote Aruba’s Arts and Culture.

As proud natives of Aruba, Ira and Ayra developed an educational Arts Program for its youth, which kicks of this summer!

For information, updates, or how to apply, visit the Pancake Gallery website @

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