Art Rules Aruba is Back!!

Proudly presented by RBC/RBTT Bank, Aruba’s biggest Educational Arts Program Art Rules Aruba is back to introduce the number 1 opportunity for teens between 14 and 25 to develop their artistic talents and skills.

Art Rules Aruba made its debut in the summer of 2010, successfully launching what became the biggest educational Art program the youth of Aruba have ever experienced.

With 200 participants and 7 Art disciplines including Theater, Dance, DJ-ing, Fashion, Rap & Poetry, Photography & Design and a bonus workshop in film; classes were provided by artists from around the world including a Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil performer, a Grammy Award winning Poet, an international DJ and representative for sports label Adidas. With the bonus workshop offered by Aruba’s own up and coming film Producer and native Joseph Henriquez, the team was as international as it could be with a total of 16 teachers came to Aruba to share their knowledge, experiences and skills with the youth on the island.

Presented by The Pancake Gallery Foundation, the founders Ira and Ayra Kip realized a vision that started 16 years ago when they attended Aruba’s Pieter Boer College in San Nicolaas. Having grown up in Amsterdam as kids, the move to Aruba as teenagers brought a huge culture shock to the twin sisters whom throughout their formative years, actively attended  and nurtured their talents at the Ballet Academy of Lucia Marthas and danced fulltime for over 10 years. Unfortunately in Aruba they had no such experience; limited to baseball as the only extra curricular activity available throughout the summer, Ira and Ayra found the lack of creative diversity on the island somewhat disheartening  and as a result craved for other forms of creative outlets.

Having gone off to college and becoming a Director in theatre and a Writer and Producer in media and entertainment, Ira and Ayra decided in 2008 to put their vision on paper and developed Art Rules Aruba as a program that would encourage, inspire, motivate and train the young on the Island to cultivate their personal talent and artistic skills, also giving them something productive to do during the summer.

Fast-forward to 2011 Art Rules Aruba has become the most popular arts event for teens, gaining local acknowledgment as the number one Educational Arts program on the island and also gaining global recognition as the works of some of the students became noted.

What’s new this year?

Art Rules Aruba 2011is adding one more discipline with the introduction of Painting workshops. Lead by Painter Amy Sherald from Baltimore MD, the M.F.A Graduate has had her work curated in shows around the world from Europe to South America, also presenting her work through an artist residency in Beijing, China at the Tong Xion Art Center. 10 students will get the opportunity to learn from Sherald’s talent and knowledge as she teaches them the craft and assists her students in creating their own paintings.

DCA presents Arts & Design, a new bonus workshop

Also new to the program is the Bonus workshop Arts & Design that is presented by the Department of Culture of Aruba. This workshop is designed as a special project that will offer 25 selected students to create a mural that will become an official monument in celebration of 25 year independence of the Island.

These exiting and new additions do not only add diversity to the program, it also allows more participants to enter this year; The Pancake Gallery expects to launch with almost 300 Art Rules Aruba 2011 students.

All made possible through its signature partnership with RBC/RBTT, Art Rules Aruba 2011 is also supported by Unoca, Aruba Bank, Red Sail, Atelier 89, Cultuur Participatie, VNO, Triple A, Brown Lawyers and Jaro Healtcare.

As more businesses join in to invest and support Art Rules Aruba’s success, it has subsequently proven that the education of the youth and the development of the Arts & Culture on the island is a valuable and worthy cause for all.

If you would also like to make a donation towards the program please send an email to and for more information please visit