Art Rules Aruba concludes with an impressive talent showcase at Cas Di Cultura

The final showcase of Art Rules Aruba produced a tremendous four-hour spectacle which took off with a photography and fashion exhibition, and culminated with a large-scale theater production spiced with video and film, dance, music and performances.

Over 200 local teens participated in this year’s edition of Art Rules Aruba produced by Ira & Ayra Kip of the Pancake Gallery Foundation. They experienced intense two weeks of workshop in eight creative disciplines with Photography, Fashion, Film, Dance, DJing, Street Art, Music & Performance and Theater on the curriculum. The classes unfolded at Atelier 89 in Oranjestad and in Madiki Kavel, an Oranjestad neighborhood where the group of street artists practiced what they learned by painting a giant mural.

Art Rules Aruba in its third edition, thanked parents and private sector sponsors for their contributions which allowed kids to spread their artistic wings and practice self expression, creativity and finding their own voice.

In the packed Cas Di Cultura auditorium audiences were treated to a series of intelligent and surprisingly honest films, deep and thought-provoking musical performances, hilarious theatrical pieces, all interspersed with exuberant and uninhibited dance segments as well as a loving tribute to Ayra and Ira Kip’s elementary school teachers, from the San Nicholas school they attended.

Congratulation to the crew of international and local teachers who skillfully developed Aruba’s talented youth, and inspired them to rise to an impressive level of originality and professionalism.

On behalf of the Pancake Gallery Foundation, thanks to all generous sponsors who made the two fantastic weeks possible, planting artistic seeds in the hearts of all those who participated.