Art Rules Aruba completes registration with more than 200 kids applying for the program

On June 6th, the Pancake Gallery announced that since the application launch day on may 7th, they have received over 200 letters from kids applying for a spot in Art Rules Aruba 2012.

“Applications went through the roof this year”! Specially at the end of may, beginning of June when most kids on the Island seem to be completing their finals in school. We are so exited with this years’ applicants, all the motivation letters that have been sent in were amazing”.

Launching on July 6th, Art Rules Aruba 2012, which is presented by RBC Royal Bank, returns for the 3rd time as Aruba’s biggest international and educational arts program, offering 2 weeks of workshops in Photography, Fashion, Film, Dance, DJ, Street Art, Music & Performance and Theater.

Inviting teens between 12-26 who have an interest in developing their artistic talent or simple want to learn a specific art discipline, Aruba’s youth will get the opportunity to learn from local and international professionals who are coming to Aruba and share their knowledge with the youth.

This year Art Rules Aruba has been made possible through a lot of support from local businesses whom all participated in the Pancake Gallery’s 1k Campaign; a donation campaign to encourage small businesses to donate a small amount.

“In this economic climate a lot of businesses feel economically challenged to donate to non-profit foundations, not being able to donate 4, 5 or sometimes more than 6 thousand dollars even when they want to. With the 1k campaign our goal was to get as many small business involved, making a small donation of $1000. This was received in a very positive way and has allowed us to make people a lot more exited about supporting our foundation”

The 1K campaigns is still ongoing and the Pancake Gallery welcomes anyone who wants to get involved to make a small donation that makes a big difference.

Visit now to make your donation.

Art Rules Aruba 2012 has also been made possible with the support of Aruba Airport Authority, Playa Linda Beach Resort, KulturA, Red Sail Sports Aruba, Coca Cola, Brown Lawyers, Maduro Travel, Subway, AIFF, Salon and Marketing Plus.

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