Art Rules Aruba 2011 is around the corner, over 200 kids have applied and the Pancake Gallery Foundation is exited to launch this year’s program taking place from July 11th till July 31st 2011

Over the past months Aruba has had the chance to read and learn a lot about this years Educational Arts Program, Art Rules Aruba. From all the teachers that are coming, to the scholarships to the sponsorships, one can assume that Art Rules Aruba will once again be an experience not to be missed.

As the Art Rules Aruba team prepares for the program, the classes and the final presentation, kids will start the program with an introduction week on July 11th, before they classes start on July 18th.  The introduction week will offer the opportunity for kids to get to know each other, also receiving the class schedules, follow the question & answer sessions and participate in a financial workshop offered by signature sponsor RBC/RBTT Bank.

An initiative very exited to this years program, the workshop is designed by RBC/RBTT bank and tailored to offer the teens information on how to make the most out of their your personal finances. The Pancake Gallery is happy to introduce this as part of the introduction week as it broadens to program in ways that benefits the students in more ways than just arts education.

From learning how to safe, study finances and personal money management the information will be beneficial, specially to those that could end up choosing a profession in the arts.

The introduction week will be closed with the official kick off, for Art Rules Aruba 2011, which is going to take place at Surfside Marina on July 15th.

All the students and their parents will be part of this event along with special invited guests, all the teachers, press and of course all the sponsors and partners involved.

Application deadline ends July 1st 2011.
The program is still taking applications till Friday July 1st.

The Pancake Gallery Foundation is therefore encouraging anyone between the ages of 13-25 with a love for the arts to apply at

Note: Fundacion pa promove Cultura na Honor di Padu Lampe has also confirmed that it will be donating scholarships to participants in this years program. To apply for a scholarship simple state this in your motivation letter in the application form, explaining why you would like to receive a scholarship.

The Pancake Gallery, RBC/RBTT and all the Art Rules Aruba 2011 sponsors welcome all accepted students, wishing everyone the best in this is productive, educational, inspirational but most of all fun experience.

For more information visit or contact

Art Rules Aruba 2011 is also sponsored by Directie Cultuur, Aruba Bank, Europcar, BYD, Redsail Sports, Coca Cola, Cohen Foundation, Unoca, Triple A, Cultuur Participatie, Atelier 89, VNO, Tropicana Hotel, Playa Linda, La Cabana, RIU, Valero, Brown Lawyers, Maduro Travel, Kiwanis Palm Beach, Fundacion pa promove Cultura na honor di Padu lampe and Jaro Healtcare.