Art Rules Aruba 2010, calls for teens to sign up via website

Get ready as The Pancake Gallery Foundation kicks off its first edition of Art Rules Aruba on July 16th 2010.

Art Rules Aruba is an educational Arts Program for the Youth of Aruba that offers a 2 week intensive “Summer” workshop program in 7 disciplines of the Arts including, Photography, Dance, Theatre, Poetry & Rap, DJing & Music Production, Photography & Design, Fashion and a bonus workshop in film.

Presented by an international team of artists, directors, producers, DJs dancers and actors, Aruba’s teens will experience an international exchange of Arts with teachers coming from cities including London, Amsterdam, New York, Washington, Rotterdam, Quebec and of course homegrown Aruba!!

On July 19th classes will start with 250 kids in the age group of 14-21 getting the opportunity to participate, divided in the following disciplines, Dance, 50, Theatre, 30, DJ-ing & Music production 40, Fashion 30, Poetry & Rap 40 and film 16.

Register all your information, choose your discipline of interest and write a motivation letter stating your enthusiasm for the program and why you want to get involved.

Fortunately, a good number of the Art Rules Aruba teachers are qualified to work with kids with special needs, thus this program will indeed by inclusive, and everybody with an interest in art is invited to attend.

Classes will take place in both San Nicolaas and Oranjestad and

If you are not in the age group, too young or just over 21; do not worry; Art Rules Aruba will also offer opportunities for you to attend master classes in the evening and special events during the week and on the weekends in several locations on the Island for the duration of the two weeks.

For more information on the program, the special events or how to apply, visit or pick up an application form at your local schools, Unoca, Bibliotheek or Cas Di Cultura.

You can also send an email to and get an application form sent to you.

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