Aqua Windie’s Swim Center Reports A Record number of Two-Hundred & Forty Students Receive Swimming Diplomas

Eagle Beach – The team of talented and dedicated instructors at Aqua Windie’s Aruba is proud with this year’s swim program results, as they prepared two-hundred & forty students for their swimming exams achieving a success rate of 100%.

The Aruban diploma system is very strict, says Windie Oude Avenhuis, divided into levels, A to F, each level presents a new set of challenges and the need to master difficult skills.

This June, Windie explains, the swimming diploma exams were resulted in a great accomplishment for Aqua Windie’s Swim Center.

Swimmers and instructors worked very hard for a long time, anywhere from four months to one year, to be able to successfully obtain swimming diplomas for all students.

To understand the level of difficulty imagine being 4-years old and having to swim 75 meter breaststroke in perfect style, no mistakes allowed, and 50 meter backstroke, in addition to swimming 50 meter fully dressed and treading water for one full minute!

While raising the bar on swimming puts a lot of pressure to perform on everybody, it also feels very good when all swimmers excel, and students demonstrate the butterfly stroke, or perform a water rescue of another swimmer in trouble, fearlessly and confidently, in deep water.

All two-hundred & forty students have their diploma now, in levels A to F, and most swimmers really love the classes so much that they continue their swimming education to the end, through diploma F.