April 1st belongs to 2 Fools and a Bull

Gourmet Studio 2 Fools and a Bull will be open on Sunday April 1st, says co-owner Paul Faas. We are usually closed on Sundays and Mondays, but since our favorite day, April’s Fools Day, falls on Sunday, we decided to stay open and create a special menu in honor of the day.

Gourmet Studio Two Fools and a Bull will serve a 4-course dinner menu, including 4 different wines for $100 per person. The evening starts at 7pm with a meet and greet over aperitifs, then dinner is served at 7.30pm. Just fourteen lucky patrons will have the opportunity to savor the fools on their national day, so hurry up and make a reservation, as seating is restricted to 14.

Popular chef Fred Wanders and super restaurateur Paul Faas have recently opened their Fool Fantasy kitchen, on Palm Beach 17, opting for an unusual name: 2 Fools and a Bull.

The bull is a leftover from the former Espanjola Way which occupied the charming cunucu premises for a short time last year. The 2 Fools prefix attests to the fact that both Fred and Paul are in possession of a typical self-deprecating Dutch humor, and that they are fearless innovators, in the kitchen and outside it, going out on a limb with a fun name for a Gourmet Studio, created by two good, life-long friends!

Paul loves to say: Don’t be fooled by the name, and indeed the place has been totally transformed into a unique environment with Fred in the kitchen and Paul in the dining room, offering a culinary experience, in lieu of just dinner.

Reservations can be made on line.

PS. If the names Fred and Paul sound familiar, Fred was the Marandi chef for a number of years, his wife Hotske runs the Garra Rufa fish treatment at the spa at Manchebo, and Paul and his partner Miriam, created the now-defunct Tabasko, which we still talk about!!