Appreciation is the Perfect Gift for All Occasion

With a bonus incentive that they received from management at the end of the year in recognition of their excellent work, the Green, Healthy and Safety Committee decided to perform an act of kindness and honor all the sweet mothers of the “Huize Maristella” for Mother’s Day. To celebrate this occasion, they invited their colleagues of The Eagle Team to help give a hand.

On top of a small present for all  the mothers, snacks and prizes, the committee prepared a complete program to entertain their guests of honor.

The “Nos Ambiente” Organ Grinder, known locally as a Caha di Orgel, was played by Mr. Nelson Sprock, creating a great ambiance from the beginning until the end of the program, also accompanying the formidable “Flor di Trinitaria” Dance Group, under the direction of Mrs. Mena Tromp as well. Mrs. Judith Boekhoudt brought several local herbs and antique artifacts, which the elderly crowd enjoyed explaining the uses for, thereby educating the younger ones present. By means of a presentation of pictures titled “Aruba in the Past” the party goers were also given the opportunity to identify places and establishments from the past. In both cases, they all did their best to give a correct explanation and thereby win great prizes. Past participants of the popular La Cabana Song Festival Jancy Pietersz and Mathilde Benito delighted everyone with their excellent singing, while Aichel Lynch,also an associate of La Cabana, recited a beautiful poem that left all the “Elderly Mothers” knowing how much they are appreciated.

The Green, Health and Safety Committee is immensely thankful to Aruba Aloe Balm for their generous gesture, as well as Mr. Eddy Tromp, Mrs. Judith Boekhoudt, Mr. Nelson Sprock and Mrs. Mena Tromp for their fantastic cooperation; to all the personnel at Huize Maristella, who are in charge of the daily care of the elderly residents, to Mrs. Fran Mosconi,their colleagues in the Eagle Team and Management, for their valuable support and help.

The Committee would like to thank Mrs. Calixta for the privilege and honor of being able to bring a moment of happiness in the hearts of the “Elderly Mothers” at Huize Maristella.We would also like to remind everyone that “appreciation is the perfect gift for any occasion”; show our elders in the elderly homes your appreciation by visiting them regularly. HappyMother’s Day!