Amazonia Churrascaria says Arivederci & Te’Oro


The Joannes group, over 190 guests accompanied by Giulia Falconi and Cristina Bassano from Dimensione Turismo ate their last morsel of grilled steak and drank their last mojito, for this year, at Amazonia Churrascaria. The Italian international tour operator enjoyed an excellent winter in Aruba delivering weekly groups here from Milano and is wrapping up its representatives and going home, until the next Fall when the super-successful program resumes.

The Italians stayed at the Holiday Inn and dined at Amazonia Churrascria in large groups weekly, which proves that pasta eaters are really meat lover down deep inside! General manager Hubert Solagnier said Arivederci in Italian and Te’Oro in Papiamento, as he saw the last guests leave. We will return they promised.