Amazonia Churrascaria, In Full Holiday Swing

Palm Beach – The friendly carvers and servers at Amazonia Churrascaria are in full holiday swing serving many locals and visitors, celebrating the season with family members and friends. The employees of one of Aruba’s largest food store, Ling & Sons IGA, enjoyed an elegant dinner at the Amazonia Churrascaria one night this week, sharing the festive, beautifully decorated dining room with a great number of students from the locals EPI Salubridad y Servicio school, including their teacher. The baristas of Starbucks, from the Renaissance Mall and Marketplace, took some time off to enjoy both camaraderie and culinaria, at Amazonia Churrascaria.

The restaurant, also home to Sushi Salsa, a charming, gourmet sushi bar, is serving a great selection of grilled meats, complemented by the largest salad bar in town, open for dinner nightly!