Amazonia Churrascaria Entertains Wema Ponton

The hard working crew of Wema Ponton got an early start on the holiday season over dinner at Amazonia Churrascaria.  They will be busy later in the month, when shopper descend on the store to stock up on useful holiday gifts, and decided to celebrate with friends and colleagues, at the beginning of December. This year Amazonia Churrascaria is offering several, very attractive Holiday Menus, for every pocket and every taste, beginning with just Awg 65 per person, inclusive.

Santa’s Special for a minimum of 10 guests includes the restaurant’s famous salad bar, and a plentiful meat selection escorted by side dishes, while Rudolph’s Special for Awg 80 per person, also includes dessert, which are absolutely fabulous at Amazonia Churrascaria.

Great food quality and genuine, warm hospitality make Amazonia Churrascaria a favorite all year long but the customized holiday selections make the restaurant especially appealing for year-end celebrations.