Amazonia celebrates the Dutch Queen Birthday

Locals and tourists enjoyed Queen’s birthday celebration at Amazonia Churrascaria. Dr Kock with wife Marina hosted known pianist Alwin Toppenberg and his wife Irma. Toppenberg, a former study mentor of Dr. Kock came to Aruba from Holland for a very special occasion, to play for Padu del Caribe’s 90th birthday celebration. He also composed a special waltz on the occasion aptly titled PADU 90 Anja, with lyrics by Denis Henriquez. The party enjoyed the hospitality of Amazonia Churrascaria also toasting to the health and well-being of the Father of Aruba’s Culture, Padu del Caribe, whose birthday became a national celebration.

Other local families mixed in with visitors, from the US and the Netherlands, enjoying more than 40 items on the salad bar and 16 perfectly grilled meats, for a weekend, dedicated to the Dutch Kingdome and the Queen.

The restaurant is gearing up for Mother’s Day promising to celebrate the world’s most important women, in great style for an entire weekend.