Albert Cruz and Miguel Giraldo receive top honors at the Radisson

Larimar Spa Manager Albert Cruz, the resort’s top manager for the third quarter and Miguel Giraldo, the resort’s Associate of the Month for December were both voted Manager of the Year and Associate of the Year by the Radisson executive committee, and members of staff.

Cruz was originally nominated by no less than three executives, General Manager Rob Smith, Director of Operations Bob Curtis and the Executive Assistant, Lourdes Geerman. He received applause and congratulations from his peers in gratitude for his superb work-ethics, and in recognition of his results-oriented leadership. Albert distinguished himself greatly by increasing customer and employee satisfaction scores at the spa, as well as working towards substantial revenue increases.

Giraldo, who was initially nominated  by Executive Chef Hector Espinoza was singled out for filling in for the Executive Steward at all Christmas events, school, office and corporate functions and demonstrating great attitude towards guests and colleagues. He won the title of Associate of the Month in December, and outshone and outperformed all others in the race for the ultimate title of Associate of the Year.

Albert Cruz and Miguel Giraldo both received spontaneous hugs and kisses, flowers, plaques, paid vacations, cash for spending and other gifts in appreciation of their excellent conduct in 2010.

The awards were handed out during a private catered affair, with music by Tsunami, serving  a delectable menu, over a formal three-course dinner,  in the Grand Caribbean Ballroom, with all of the resort’s 2010 winners of the Associate of the Month and Manager of the Quarter  titles in attendance.

Pictured here resort management lavishes winners with warm words of praise and tokens of appreciation!