Ahaaah, Ruben Garcia is going to be Flora’s Clown Doctors Caminata’s emcee


Submitted by Heleen Bongers — Popular Ruben Garcia, television personality, radio host and local celebrity, is going to be the emcee of choice during the third edition of Flora’s Clown Doctors’ Caminata on Sunday, April 19. Ruben’s task is to get everyone lined up, wearing their red noses during ten, long minutes as Aruba is going to try and set a record of the Most People Wearing Red Noses during Ten Minutes for the Guinness Book of World Records. The Clown Doctors hope to gain world fame when the video is posted on You-Tube.

The idea is that everyone who has paid the AWG. 10,– registration fee gets a red, foam nose. As soon as emcee Ruben, godfather of Clown Doctors Foundation, gives a signal, participants of Flora’s Caminata start to line up in rows of fifteen people. They can be children or adults, as long as they are fifteen people per row. Then, when Ruben starts counting down, everyone puts on his or her red nose. ”We are trying to get 1001 participants,” says Ruben, who is helped by famous Rona Coster, official photographer of the event. TeleAruba’s Robert Ras is the videographer of this most important occasion. A notary and a bailiff are going to be the officials who will count the rows with the red-nosed participants.

During ten minutes participants are asked to keep on their noses and be entertained by the emcee, who will be rehearsing the popular ‘Do the Wiper’ song with everyone before he introduces a Frozen Moment. During the entire ten minutes and during the Frozen Moment video and photo shots will be the proof for the Guinness Book of Records that a record has been set. So please, nobody take off their red noses!!!

Various local celebrities are going to be present to help out with the registration of participants, who are paying AWG. 10,– per person. Expect a snack, a drink and a tee-shirt for this amount, as long as there is stock. Early registration is possible at Idefre and at Flora, the Caminata’s main sponsor. Proceeds go entirely towards the Clown Doctors Foundation. In our next update we shall tell you who our local celebrities will be… We can already disclose that at least one world champion and a famous female singer will be there.

Sponsors of Flora’s Clown Doctors Caminata are Romar, Visser, E-Z Party Solutions, Zenitel, Idefre, ProGraphics, Taste of Belgium, Claro and Aruba’s Police force. Registration for Flora’s Caminata starts at 3 pm on Sunday, April 19 at Flora. The Caminata’s time of departure is at 5 pm.