AAR, the Association of Aruba Realtors is a Reality

Palm Beach — On February 27, 2013, the first members’ meeting of the Association of Aruban Realtors (to be referred to as AAR hereinafter) took place.

After the formal establishment in May 2012, many preparations were made by the initiators in order to lay the foundation for a professional realtors’ association in accordance with the Dutch model. After the AAR had been established, all active realtors in Aruba were approached to become members of the association. We can proudly announce that the following 14 real estate offices have currently registered as members of the AAR: Century 21 Best & Solid Real Estate, Aruba Living Today, Solito ERA, Alto Vista Real Estate, Prima Casa Real Estate, Coldwell Banker, Sotheby’s, MPG Real Estate, Aruba Happy Rentals, Aruba Palm Realtors, Top Homes, Limbo Aruba, and Remax.

Most real estate offices attended the first members’ meeting. After the formal part, notarial office R.E. Yarzagaray, represented by its employee Ms. Petra Seyfarth and civil law notary Ralph Yarzagaray, gave the members present a seminar on Compliance and the Law; National Ordinance prevention and suppression of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (LWTF) and the consequences hereof for the realtors and the notarial profession in Aruba. Subsequently, it was Power Systems’ turn, on behalf of which company Mr. Marcel van Schie and Mr. Joost Horward gave a presentation for a listing website for the AAR to be newly introduced.

The purpose of the AAR is to improve the mutual collaboration between the real estate offices in Aruba. It also pursues raising the standard of the local real estate business in general to a higher level. Ultimately with the result to be able to provide buyers and sellers of real estate in Aruba better service and in addition the AAR can act as discussion partner on behalf of the local real estate business towards the Central Bank, local commercial banks, the Collector of Taxes, the Office for the Disclosure of Unusual Transactions, etc.


Photograph: several members receive their membership certificates.