A tropical rainforest vacation in Suriname, now within your reach

woningSuriname, the former Dutch Guyana, is located in the northern part of South-America on the Atlantic ocean; it is the continent’s smallest state in terms of area and population, and it is Dutch-speaking. Which of course relates it to Aruba as a former, sister Dutch colony.

Suriname Airways, the national carrier, has been running flights to Amsterdam, Aruba, Curacao and as of recently also to Miami, which opened a fantastic opportunity for visitors to book their holidays departing Miami International Airport on Suriname Airways, and after spending a few days here on a pleasant beach vacation, taking a look at Suriname’s rich tropical rainforest, for a jungle vacation. Both destinations, when combined, make for a most-interesting and convenient Beach & Jungle combo.

Incidentally, Suriname is also a popular vacation destination for Arubans, who keep the cuisine of that ethnically diverse county in high esteem – they simply can’t get enough of that country’s famed Chinese, Creole, European, Indian and Indonesian specialties.

Paramaribo, Suriname’s capital city is uniquely multicultural. The city’s Keizerstraat mosque rubs shoulder with the Neveh Shalom Synagogue, and the bustling street scene on Paramaribo’s sidewalks is a living reminder of its fascinating colonial heritage.

As a country, Suriname is truly unique and while Eco tourists flock to Costa Rica, Suriname is blessed by the same idyllic blend of unspoiled nature and cultural integration, in a less crowded more untouched and primary context.

Hotel Krasnapolsky in Paramaribo, is centrally located and offers elegant and convenient accommodations.

Last year, the Dutch chain undertook an interesting project by opening Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort, nestled on the banks of the Suriname River against the backdrop of dense tropical foliage.

The new development is about one and a half hours away by bus — transportation to and fro included, departing daily from in front of the Krasnapolsky in town. Guests staying at Bergendal Eco & Cultural River Resort are offered total relaxation, mixed with adventurous activities, in a luxurious and indulgent atmosphere. Nature, culture and history are all part of every activity and adventure at the river resort.

Just up the river and a short motorized-canoe ride away, the adjacent Heritage Village and Adventure Centre. The river and the historical Berg en Dal plantation temp guests with a wide range of nature and culture oriented hiking trips, river boating adventures, cayman spotting trips in the dark, canopy zip lines or basic snoozes hammocks, stretched between tall trees.

As a result, Bergendal guests are fully immersed in the sights and sounds of the jungle, frolicking in a 2,400 hectare playground, perfect for children and adults.

The resort is made up of 45 authentic jungle lodges, stylishly decorated with tropical furniture and accents, such as jalousie windows and doors which allow a tremendous view of the gardens and river in. The jungles lodges are air-conditioned one and two bedrooms suites with canopy beds, modern bathrooms with hot water, comfortable indoor seating areas, and spacious open balconies with spectacular vistas. All lodges are made of natural materials and incorporate many modern elements and while the ground level river lodges rise from the banks of the mighty Suriname, the pillared lodges positioned high against the mountain slope, offer a bird’s eye view of the rich canopy and tropical surroundings.
Bergendal’s Chill-Out Lounge serves tropical cocktails. Our favorite was Suriname’s famous dark rum, Borgoe, laced with soursop juice. And the open air dining room serves three exquisite buffet-style meals a day designed to elate even the most-picky eaters, in a dining terrace overlooking the essence of nature. From the spacious and welcoming open lobby to the tropical atmosphere of the cozy restaurant, the exceptional Jungle Hut bar, and the fun infinity-edged pool running into the river, each place represents a memorable snapshot, in the picture perfect photo album of the Bergendal adventure.

Helpful and eager-to-please local members of staff contribute to the special Amazonian Caribbean experience. And the nine-months-old resort is surely destined to become the novel exotic alternative destination and the best quality eco-cultural resort in the region. The initiative to build Bergendal on the ruins of the historical Berg en Dal plantation reinforces the Krasnapolsky chain name as an industry leader in the practice of sustainable ecotourism. Their mission and policy of respect and conservation, both of nature and of people, complement the surroundings while minimizing negative impact on the existing biodiversity.

Go while prices are low, and amazingly affordable. The resort is still in its soft, run-in, introductory phase and offers tremendous vacation values. www.krasnapolsky.sr