A Record Crowd Attends the Datapanik Concert at Mr Jazz By Chucho Valdes


The first official Datapanik concert unfolded just recently at Mr Jazz by Chucho Valdes. The supper club at Paseo Herencia on Palm Beach was completely transformed into a concert arena where the popular fusion band mixed a Caribbean sound with an electronic groove, which has surprisingly taken the island by storm, when the band unveiled its repertory during a 4-week tour of the island’s Rum Shops, sponsored by Heineken Beer in March.

Mr Jazz by Chucho Vales in collaborations with Datapanik threw a sensational evening which took off with DJ Intifada, a Latin Caribbean master mixer and Tipico Jara, a local combo. Artists Alida Wever, dance, Ryan Lampe, video & films, Osaira Muyale and Elvis Lopez, plastic artists, contribute their talents to the evening which was recorded live, supported by the Entertainment Group, Digicel Aruba, Cool FM radio and Suave TV. A record number of tickets holders of all age flocked to the club to see Band leader Michael Lampe, in action, delivering an intimate concert mixed with great audio-visual clips and light effects. The production enjoyed an artistic flair, many experimental and novel touches, as well as a musical richness which will surely result in a totally fresh and ear-pleasing music album.

Pictured here musicians Michael Lampe, Alan Tromp, Etmar Rincones, Reme Lacle & Eric Huntington, and their audience.

To visit the band go to: http://www.myspace.com/datapanik, The band’s name refers to the current overload of data, often prompting creativity, and the world’s reaction to sensory stimulation.