A group of runners from Aruban joins The ING New York City Marathon

A group of runners from Aruba joined the famed NYC marathon this year, posting very respectable times. Among the runners, Dr. Patrick Haime, who finished the race in Central Park crossing the finish line clocking 4:12:08, Frank Dubbeld, 4:44:50, Doreen Kralick, 4:35:12, Peter de Hoop, 5:06:03, Manuel Nooijen, 3:27:12, Eugene Martis 4:26:30, Jurgen Van Schaijk, 3:56:28, John Cheng, 4:12:07, Hendrikus Koeman, 5:28:28, Lucienne Hof-Kalis, 4:26:18, Diana Wolthuis, 5:46:58, Wilfred Ras, 4:38:06, and Shariska Winterdal, 3:43:07.

The ‘elite’ members of the Aruba group of runners Jurgen Van Schaijk, Shariska Winterdal and Manuel “Mario” Nooijen, all posted times under four hours. Runners Johnny Cheng, Patrick Haime, Herry Koeman and Eugene Martis have participated in the NYC marathon, before. Those of the group that went to NY for the first time, for their first marathon, were Doreen Kralick, Frank Dubbeld, Wilfred Ras, Peter de Hoop, Lucienne Hof Kalis and Diana Wolthuis.

Generally speaking, all group members report having a fantastic time in NY. The Aruba team shirt listed their respective names as well as the name Aruba, so there were a lot of people from the crowd calling out encouragements, calling them by name, as well as offering happy comments about the island. One person yelled out that it is where they want to go, and considering that it was cold that day, the Aruba Team members understood, enduring the long, cold wait to start — some of the runners couldn’t even get into their assigned wave and had to shiver through extra 40 minutes to wait to join the next wave of runners. And the bottleneck experienced in trying to get out of the Central Park after completing the run was rather difficult, but the actual marathon was great. Experiencing the energy of New York’s different neighborhoods, the support of the crowd, the live music and the act of running along, in mass, with 41,999 other runners was unforgettable.

Doreen Kralick reports she practiced for the event by running the marathon distance in the Ironman Lake Placid in July, and that the majority of group members don’t plan to slow down after the marathon – some of them will participate in the off-road triathlon in Aruba at the end of this month and others will travel again to Florida in January to participate in the half marathon there.

Peter de Hoop, shares that it was his first marathon and he really enjoyed the folks along the road, the music, and the ambiance, and that he will continue to run, having already signed up for the Paris marathon – it’s a great way to see the city, he jokes.  Peter recalls that to get to 13.1 miles was fairly easy, and that he did so in 2 hours however, after mile 18 he had to slow down and walk a mile or two. He started running again when he was overtaken by a runner dressed as a rhinoceros, participating on behalf of some environmental Save the Rhino group. “I did not want to be beat by the Rhino,” he says, “so I picked up the pace.” Having trained for just 3 weeks her recovered well and quickly, he informs

Shariska Winterdal says that the most memorable moments were when all those people along the road were cheering and screaming: ARUBA, GO ARUBA, followed by GO Shariska. When she heard it, she felt a surge of energy and confidence, that she would reach her goal and kept going. The cheers will stay with her forever, she admits. Overall, Shariska ran a challenge-free race, except for the cold, especially on the bridges, as it grew chillier and chillier; she sometimes didn’t feel her legs, she shares.

Yet the organization deserves compliments for putting on such a big event for so many people from around the globe with more that 44.000 people on the start line, it had to be a monumental effort, Shariska concludes.

While pleased with her result, after all that training and the weekend sacrifices of having to wake up at 3 or 4 am to go run, she wants to thank her sons, parents, family members, colleagues at Banco di Caribe, and friends, all those who supported her and believed in her during weeks of trainings, “I really want to do this NYC marathon once again,” she states.

The official website of the NYC marathon has announced that the registration for the ING New York City Marathon 2011 is open, we are confident Aruban are signing up.