The Palm Beach Plaza introduces FlowRider

Some serious wave making pumps now send water over a soft-padded surface in an enclosed arena on the parking lot of the Palm Beach Plaza creating non-stop, flowing and curling waves. Welcome to FlowRider. ®

FlowRider ®has become a center of attraction at the Palm Beach Plaza, promoting the California beach and board sport-lifestyle which is a lot of fun.

Basically, wave riders are invited to have a blast, and while riding the waves seems simple, it is often challenging, and always addictive.

“People just love riding FlowRider ®,” says Indra Stamper, Tenant & Marketing Coordinator, for the Palm Beach Plaza, “Jumping in on body boards, getting a feel for it, doing turns, wiping out, getting knocked down and getting back on again to spray and wet their friends, “ she states.

“The new Palm Beach Plaza Mall which opened in December 2009, is always striving to present visitors with different products geared at different demographics, and focused on fun family activities,” Stamper concludes.

FlowRider ®was invented by surfers, and the new sport borrows some aspects of all other board sports. The best way to describe FlowRider ® is to say that it is like skateboarding without the wheels, surfing without a fin, snowboarding without the mountain, wakeboarding without the boat and skim boarding without the sand!

FlowRider ®at the Palm Beach Plaza is open every day, and will also offer a bar and a retail center by the end of the month, including fancy cocktails and great beach music.

Incidentally,  Royal Caribbean International equipped 20 of its ships with FlowRider ® ,now, you no longer have to get on a cruise ship to enjoy the sport, which can be practiced right here in Aruba