Hawaiian Canoes Inaugurated on Eagle Beach

Dignitaries, friends and family members, joined the Minister of Sports & Health Dr. Richard Visser for a happy occasion, as Renata Matarozzi, of Body Planet BVA, hosted a genuine Luau Party to celebrate the Hawaiian Canoes official inauguration in Aruba, at their permanent location adjacent to the Tulip Restaurant, at MVC, on Eagle Beach.

With the arrival of the Hawaiian Canoes, Renata and her husband Ulysses Matarozzi are introducing an age-old seafaring tradition to the island.

The outrigger canoes, hail from Polynesia, but they have been an icon of the Hawaiian watersports culture for decades, and now the dynamic activity of outrigger canoeing is offered right here on the island.  Renata explains that Aruba’s tranquil seas provide the perfect learning ground for paddlers, allowing them to experience a unique water activity with scenic sea-to-land views of our picturesque coastline.

It has been my dream for many years, she adds, to bring the outrigger canoes to Aruba. The activity delivers a perfect combination of fitness in an ocean environment and we are proud to be the first Hawaiian Canoe organization in the Caribbean.

As an ACE certified fitness instructor and personal trainer, Renata together with her husband Ulysses, who is a certificated physical education instructor, will offer a variety of activities to beginner and experienced paddlers, both locals and visitors.

In collaboration with their charming staff they will do their best to make the experience of their visitors a most-memorable one. We want them to enjoy every minute they spend in our training session, Renata states, and as we speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese, we will be able to cater to a diverse clientele in our fleet of five custom built canoes, imported from Brazil, all hand crafted by world champion Fabio Paiva.”

Paiva, who arrived on the island in order to participate in the Hawaiian Canoes official inauguration in Aruba, shared about the importance of the sport in Brazil, having grown considerably in popularity over the past decade.

Hawaiian Canoes Aruba will offer the activity to beginners, people who are looking to get on the water recreationally in a low to medium intensity paddle, inviting men and women of 14 years and up to participate while children 12 years and up may participate with the presence of a parent or guardian in the canoe.

For advanced paddlers, the activity will focus on improving technique and building physical fitness.

Hawaiian Canoes is also planning to organize weekend competitions, combining indoor and outdoor training, with each session customized to the level of clients, and planned according to their goals.

One of the best Hawaiian Canoe attraction is a trip to Roger’s Beach at the south-east end of Aruba, where from the beach participants will paddle to the outside reefs for a surf session, and to the “Bird Sanctuary Islands” for a beach break, sodas, water, and a photo opportunity, walking on the sand, careful not to disturb the bird breeding grounds in the islands’ grassy parts. This four-hour trip promises to be a hit among locals and visitors.

Body planet is also open for private, special group requests, such as governmental organization, military organizations, business organizations, families, seniors, kids’ programs, friends, and more. Canoeing is a great team building activity which would benefit families and businesses, in many different ways.

In accordance with the business core value, “We have our income from the sea, and our philosophy is to pay it forward.” Hawaiian Canoes is proud to be the first small business joining the Green movement. For every purchase of canoe activities, a US$1. – donation will be earmarked for an “Ocean Care Project in Aruba,” looking out for future generations, so that they may find the same wonderful sea environment, as we have it now.

The fantastic inaugural party at Tulip Restaurant, MVC Eagle Beach, featured an iced coconut drink on arrival, colorful leis, and a complete dance program by the gorgeous dancers of Youth Ballet Fellowship, Club Di Movimiento, under the direction of Samantha Westrate. Guests enjoyed healthy snacks and cocktails against the backdrop of a terrific sunset. A Hawaiian Canoe practice and demonstration session was offered the following day, attracting excellent attendance, including Minister Visser who loves the sport and encourages Body Planet to open additional canoe pod in different parts of the island.