Special Departmental Recognitions at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – The department entrusted with the combined operation of the Front Desk and Hotel Reservations at Caribbean Palm Village Resort was recognized recently with the Department of the Year Award for maintaining the highest standard throughout the year and for providing top notch customer service to owners and guests at the resort.

The award also signifies meeting departmental goals as approved by the Board of Directors, and also attaining top ratings gleaned from the Customer Service Satisfaction Survey which is administered at the resort, weekly. Additionally, says Board Member Dr.  Zendzian, all members of the department demonstrated high levels of commitment in accomplishing their department’s  goals. They displayed good team-work qualities, as well as dedication to improvement.

The award ceremony took place at Sweet Peppers Restaurant and lauded a standout department for its work. The award is a rotating one, and will be handed out every year to the winning team, based on the findings of the resort’s Customer Service Satisfaction Survey, which is filled out by members and reflects their opinions and thoughts. Having tied for first place in 2013, with the Activities Department, Daisy, Sadia, Marilina, Kenjah, Carol, Debbie, Evelyne, Donalisa, Monique, Bryan and Mitchel are seen here with interim general manager Astrid Muller, celebrating their much-deserved decoration for 2014.