Sharonne Lacle Celebrated Her 25th Anniversary at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – When Sharonne looks back at the years she has spent working at her favorite island resort, Caribbean Palm Village, she feels a great sense of pride and accomplishment. Her history at the resort begins more than two decades ago as a contract assistant. When she proved herself as a valuable asset to management  she was promoted to receptionist, working with resort guests at the front desk.

Another timely promotion brought her into the Accounting Department where she enjoyed the responsibilities of Income Audit, also serving her department as a General Cashier. Because of her excellent organizational and communication skills she was transferred into the Ownership Department, where she still contributes tirelessly, keeping the channels of communication with owners open and effective.

While work may be demanding, she explains, she loves every moment, and on her off day, she continues to work, only this time as baby-sitter to her most adorable two grandsons, helping her beloved two daughters, whenever she can. 

I know how important family vacations are, she says, and we try to support our guests and their family members on the island, as much as possible. I understand how guests feel because my dream vacation would be time off to spend with my daughters and the extended family members.

Management wishes Sharonne many more years of health and productivity at the Caribbean Palm Village, on the occasion of her anniversary, celebrated with the presentation of a customary envelope.