Rosetta ‘Nana’ Radabaugh Celebrates Her 100th Birthday in Aruba


Punto Brabo — On the occasion of Nana’s BIG birthday the extended Radabaugh family arrived in Aruba ready to surprise the matriarch every single day of her stay on the island.

The family took the grand lady sailing, and island touring and on one of the stops she was met by the representative of the Aruba Tourism Authority who named her Goodwill Ambassador of Aruba.

At Divi All Inclusive Resort, the Food & Beverage Director Freddy Zedan helped orchestrate a party at Pure Lime Restaurant, and surprised her with a beautiful birthday cake, in honor of the major milestone.

“It is a great honor for Divi resorts, staff and management to join in this uniquely amazing occasion,” he said,” people reaching this milestone, are truly incredible in many ways.”

Pictured here the birthday girl, Nana, her daughter and Freddy, as the family sings the praises of 100 years of history.