Recognized for Five Years of Service: Gwenn Correa, Front Desk Supervisor, Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – The diligent and charming Gwenn Correa, a front desk supervisor at the quaint Caribbean Palm Village Resort was recently recognized by Interim General Manager Astrid Muller and her management team, for five years of excellent service.

Gwenn, a mother of two, earned her professional diploma at the local vocational school specializing in handicapped care, but opted for hospitality when recruited by the Caribbean Palm Village Resort.  She reports never regretting her choices, on the contrary, she found her calling working in the island’s tourism sector and in now prepared to pursue further education in that field by enrolling at the University of Aruba in the Faculty of Hospitality & Tourism Management

On a personal note, and in order to keep up with the level of activity at the resort Gwenn participates in kickboxing, Muay Thai, enjoys insanity workouts, Taekwondo, Yoga and keeping up with her equally active kids, Kyan, 8 and Keathan, 5.

As she received her well-deserved recognition, Gwenn shared she likes working at Caribbean Palm Village because of the family atmosphere it promotes among guests and colleagues, and the intimate size of the resort. She also appreciates the ease of communication with her peers and clients and the teamwork its takes to run a successful operation.