Promotion for Angelee Hughes, with the Salamander Group

Palm Beach –The Salamander Group is proud to announce that Angelee Hughes has been promoted to supervisor at T.H. Palm & Company, one of the Salamander Group’s prestigious stores, located at Playa Linda Beach Resort.

Angelee Hughes started working with the Salamander Group on October 4th, 2010. As it so happened, the sales manager was unavailable on her second day of training, so she was asked to join the associates at T.H. Palm & Company, for the day.

A day turned into a year, at the end of which she became a buddy-trainer and was transferred to the Coconut Trading Co, another prestigious Salamander Group store at the South Beach Centre, for about two months. But T.H. Palm & Company continued to tug at her heart strings, and she returned to her favorite store its leader. Having grown into the position, Angelee achieved the promotion to supervisor at T.H. Palm & Company.

Angelee states that the Salamander Group has given her the opportunity to not only grow professionally but to also meet new people from around the world and make new friends. The Salamander group offered her the chance, she says, to make a Sales Associate position into a career in sales, which she loves and appreciates.

The Salamander Group Managing Director, Jodi Tobman, says that Angelee adds something special to the client’s shopping experience at T.H. Palm Company, as they refer to her as a ray of sunshine and come back again and again, so that she could assist them, in picking the perfect gift.

The Salamander Group is excited to see Angelee join the leadership team of the company, and take on this new challenge in her career, sending the best of luck her way!