On International Men’s Day, La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino Proclaims Nicolas Gei, Man of the Year, 2014

Eagle Beach — In honor of International Men’s Day (IMD), observed in November, the Green and Health Committee at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino volunteered a new initiative on behalf of their male associates.

The committee published 5 criteria and asked the resort associates to nominate their “Male Role Model.”

The candidates had to display the following attitudes: Ready to Assist, Always Smiling, Professional, and in general a Role Model at work, and within their community.

A number of associates were singled out as nominees with Roland Croes, Housekeeping, Manuel Ramos, Nicolas Gei and Efigenio Dania, Engineering, Johnny Kock and Michael DaCosta, Security and Nixon Castillo, Activities, among them.

Prior to announcing the winner, a short description of what IMD stands for was shared with the nominees and associates in attendance at the conference room, during the IMD event.

The Green & Health Committee wanted to a focus on men’s and boy’s health that day; improving gender relations; promoting gender equality and highlighting positive male role models.

IMD, the Green & Health Committee stated, is an occasion for men to celebrate their achievements and contributions to community, family, marriage and child care while highlighting discrimination against them. IMD is an opportunity for people everywhere, to show goodwill and appreciation and celebrate the men in their lives and the service they render to society for the greater good of all.

While nominees waited for the result of the vote, they were served a hearty dessert, and given chocolates and redeemable stars – an incentive program where star vouchers may be redeemed against useful products.

The elected overall winner of the coveted 2014 Man of the Year title was Nicolas Gei, Engineering, who exemplifies the highest level of an exceptional Role Model for his family, the resort and the community of Aruba. Nicolas says and does everything from the heart. Besides star vouchers, he also received a commemorative plaque and a gift certificate. Congratulations to all nominees and the winner, Nicolas Gei.