La Cabana Beach Hotel & Casino Continues to Support Hilario Angela College in San Nicolas


La Cabana beach Resorts & Casino shared the following information regarding their adopted school “Colegio Hilario Angela”, an elementary school situated in San Nicolas, Aruba:

Our Resort, La Cabana Beach Resort and Casino, routinely helps out with various community projects and/or activities on our Island. In 2010 we decided to direct our efforts toward an elementary school “Colegio Hilario Angela” and afterwards ended adopting the school with the main purpose to ensure it is properly maintained.

La Cabana is also interested in the wellbeing of the teachers and students. We sponsor books, equipment, food baskets and personal development sessions like the new “Kids Counsel Program”. On a voluntary basis, the associates of La Cabana and their families participate in the maintenance works and other social activities.

All this is done with the expectation of cultivating a pleasant environment where the teachers can develop our students into a generation of professionals that will take Aruba to a higher level, tourism wise or in any other type of industry.

Last year, La Cabana opted to work with business and construction partners when it was time again to give the school a good maintenance. This initiative resulted in a beneficial and successful venture.

In line with our Resort’s 25th Anniversary celebration, we asked the Principal Mrs. Conny Aventurin-Connor for the school’s priority list for this year and beyond.

From this list, we made an Action Plan and the following projects were completed:

Remodeling of the kitchen and Principal’s office to create a division for a Teachers Room and an Assistant Teacher’s room; installation of barb wire to secure the school from break-ins; purchase and installation of new A/C’s, printers, copy machines, beamer, upgraded computers; the playground was asphalted, water coolers serviced and fixed, a bulletin board was installed; the children’s bus corner got new pavers, plants treated, the exterior walls of the fence, classes and exercise room were pressure washed and painted.

In order to accomplish all of the above projects we again invited some companies to join us.

We are very grateful to all of them that graciously donated and collaborated in this year’s undertaking on behalf of our adopted school. They are: Total Services, Villeros General Contractor, AMC Unicon, Sherwin-Williams, Professional Pest Control, Kooyman Aruba, Coburg and Minister of Infrastructure and D.O.W.

There are still projects on the Action Plan left for next year.

In representation of La Cabana’s 25th Anniversary, the sum of 25.000 Aruban Florins was set aside to celebrate this milestone anniversary with “Colegio Hilario Angela”; our way of showing appreciation and saying “thank you” to our distinguished Aruban community, loyal owners, especially those that contributed to our “La Cabana Charity Account”, valued customers, respected business partners and proud associates!

On December 15, La Cabana’s official opening date, the School dedicated a special event to the La Cabana Team and invited companies to showcase La Cabana’s dedication to “Colegio Hilario Angela”. The students outdid themselves, singing, dancing, showing art works and reading poems. A symbolic cheque was presented to Principal, Mrs. Conny Aventurin-Connors and eloquent speeches were held by Mrs. Aventurin-Connors, Joe Najjar, General Manager and Parliamentarian Mrs. Lorna Jansen-Varlack.

Joe’s speech:

Bon dia tur presente, Mi ta contento di ta aki atrobe na Colegio Hilario Angela, entre boso tur y mas contento ainda meymey di nos studiantenan hoben. Na nos studiantenan mi kier dedica algun palabra awe mainta. Muchanan, awendia ta asina necesario pa boso haci boso best na scol; pone bon atencion durante les. Educacion ta hopi importante. Cu un bon educacion bo por logra bo soñonan di futuro. Un bon educacion lo yuda bo keda leu di problema y bo lo bira un persona ehemplar den nos comunidad. Mi tin hopi aprecio pa e trabou incansabel di nos maestronan, nan compromiso y esfuersonan pa educa nos studiantenan. Sin embargo, ta tuma henter un comunidad pa lanta nos hobennan. Mi ta spera cu otronan den nos comunidad realisa cu nos tur mester combina esfuerso pa sigura cu nos hobennan por lanta den un ambiente saludabel y sigur pa nan. Den nomber di Directiva, Gerencia, miembro y asociadonan, mi kier gradici pa e colaboracion cu nos a ricibi di tur instancia di Gobierno y e companianan cu nos a acerca pa join nos proyecto di renobacion di Colegio Hilario Angela e aña aki. Danki di curason! Na ocasion di La Cabana su 25 aña di existencia, nos ta orguyoso di por a sirbi nos scol Colegio Hilario Angela cu hopi entusiasmo! Masha danki.