Kenjah Howell is Employee of the Year at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – The year-end get-together at Caribbean Palm Village Resort included a double award ceremony, that of Employee of the Fourth Quarter, as well as the annual introduction of the Employee of the Year.

Interim General Manager Astrid Muller and her executive committee handled the full program with humor and grace crowning Alicia Ras, of the maintenance department Employee of the 4th quarter, praising all of the quarter’s nominees and recognizing those who went the extra mile during that busy period.
At the heart of the gathering the selection of Employee of the Year, Kenjah Howell, who outshone all other nominees with her performance in 2013. She was showered with gifts and praise and received heartfelt congratulations from her peers, who all agreed Kenjah demonstrated top-rated professional conduct in 2013.
Praise was also shared by members of management who recognized First Quarter nominees Jean Philemon, Cedric Tromp and Kathleen Kelly, who no longer works at the resort, Second Quarter nominees George Irausquin, Marilina Quiperi, Henrica Tromp and Alicia Ras, Third Quarter nominees Elsa Croes, Richard Webb, Gwendolyne Correa, Jean Philemon, and Maria Victoria Jimenez, and Fourth Quarter nominees Mislady Fingal, Yahaira Kuiperi, Francia Kelly, Janeth Herrera and Adriana Tromp.
The ceremony was also dedicated the Star Award, which was presented to four special individuals, Cedric Tromp, Adriana Tromp, Jean Philemon and Elsa Croes.
We are proud of our employees, stated Muller, they are totally devoted to the resort and its guests and they all take their work to a new level of excellence resulting in very high guest satisfaction scores for the resort. We wish them and their family members a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Health 2014.