Kenjah Howell Celebrates Five Years at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – As the supervisor at the front desk, Kenjah Howell has contributed greatly to the success and smooth operation of the Caribbean Palm Village Resort over the past five years.

She became Employee of the Year, for 2013, outshining all other nominees with her performance. Then as Employee of the Third Quarter in 2014, she received praise and the gratitude from board members and management. Having also earned many extra mile awards and other accolades, Kenjah is a valuable employee of the resort. This week she celebrated her five-year career milestone and was invited by the executive committee for lunch at Sweet Peppers restaurant.
Kenjah reports she started as part-timer while she studied at the EPI school in the commercial sector. Then she transitioned to a full time position, enjoying a great working relationship with guests and members of management.
Kenjah who is an expecting mother also reports she will be putting the experience she gained at the Hyatt Regency as Camp Counselor to good use once her baby is born, but she intends to keep on working as long as possible, returning to work immediately after maternity leave.
In her leisure time, Kenjah likes to swim in the ocean and help her mom run the family retail business, also assisting with the administration.
Pictured here, having completed five years of service at the resort, Kenjah Howell, a top-rated professional on staff at Caribbean Palm Village Resort .