Jean Merisieri Concludes Fifteen Years of Service at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – An informal anniversary celebration at Caribbean Palm Village Resort acknowledged Jean Merisieri’s long and successful involvement with the charming resort in the Noord neighborhood.
His first eight years were spent at the security department, he informs, watching over the safety of guests and property. When he later welcomed a change of pace, management offered him a position in the maintenance department as the resort’s painter, entrusting him with the resort’s ongoing effort to refresh and maintain its tropical look and feel.
Jean reports enjoying this alternative career a painter, and is says he is prepared to give the resort another fifteen years of service, at the very least.
Born in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, Jean is blessed with that island’s famed artistic streak and a great sense of color, and does his best to keep up with new techniques and styles. In his spare time he is the volunteer pastor of a church community in San Nicholas, a loving husband for the past 16 years, to Marie-Therese and a dedicated father of two adult children, a daughter and a son.
Interim General Manager Astrid Muller thanked Jean for his many contributions and congratulated him on his anniversary, praising his professional achievements, having been nominated for employee of the quarter and having received many extra mile awards for his high level of cooperation.