Housekeeper Patricia Croes Concludes Five Years of Service at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord — At a recent informal luncheon party at Sweet Peppers Restaurant, members of resort management acknowledge the contributions of Patricia Croes to the housekeeping department, where she has been working diligently for five years.

The time, flew by quickly, Patricia reports, doing what she likes, interacting with guests and colleagues, and while work can be intense and demanding at times, she loves the resort, its guests and its employees regardless of the pressure to perform.

Interim General Manager Astrid Muller thanked Patricia for her efforts and dedication, reflected often in guests’ appreciative comments and positive reviews, she also complimented Patricia on her attention to detail in every aspect of her professional life, from room care and maintenance to her personal, nicely coordinated appearance.   

Patricia, who is single, likes to go to the beach, listen to music, dance, hike and relax, when not working. She enjoyed her appreciation lunch very much, and cherished the wishes for continued good health and long-term service with the company.