Happy Occasions Celebrated at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino

Eagle Beach — Long term careers were acknowledged recently at a gathering at La Cabana Beach Resort & Casino, as staff members and management recognized 480 years of experience shared among thirty hard working associates. While it is sometimes hard to believe the passage of time, the resort proudly introduced fifteen associates with twenty years of experience, six associates with fifteen years under their belt, and nine associates completing a decade of service. Each associate was recognized individually, receiving a token of appreciation for the dedication and the professional expertise he/she brings to work each day, and for the fresh enthusiasm and ideas, which spring forth by virtue of personal commitment to tourism on Aruba.


Among those recognizes for 10 years of service:  Adriana Tromp, Solange Estiverne, Wendy Dorcas, Jaime Pamintuan, Tomas Nalumen, Damian Tromp, Marlon Clemencia, Francis Geerman and Minerva Hayes.  Among those recognized for fifteen years of service: Hubert Pietersz, Cielo Orozco, Nixon Castillo, Jorge Mestanza, Maritza Nuñez and Aristobulo Montoya. Among those recognized for twenty years of service: Marlyn de Oliveira, Carmen Odor, Elena Acevedo, Carine Cratz, Vicente Guerrero, Wilfred Pardo, Ireneo Catibayan, Ingrid Croes, Felicia de la Rosa, Delano Sabajo, Manuel Ramos, Maria Maduro, Desiree Henriquez, Carlos Ramirez and Luis Gutierrez.