EPB Hospitality Students Host 3-course Lunch Three Times a Week, Starting October 13th, 2015

HATO — During their graduation year, the students of EPB, the basic vocational high school, are required to practice what they’ve learned, while interacting with each other and with clients in real-life restaurant situations.

The Aloe Restaurant and its professional commercial kitchen is where these students train, and they are hereby inviting the general public to enjoy a three-course lunch for Afl. 25.- per person, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, as they work towards their diploma. Lunch is served from 12noon to 2 pm, from October 13th, 2015 till November 6th, 2015 when the students go on break. The restaurant will be open again from January 12th, 2016 to March 23rd, 2016, when the academic year comes to an end.

In the kitchen, Teacher-Chefs Orlin Geerman and Chef Kenneth Blom, are in charge of the curriculum, while François Maduro coaches the front of the house student waiters.

The chefs, with extensive experience in the food and beverage arena, truly enjoys what they do, working with the students enthusiastically.

Together the service and kitchen teams deliver great lunches. And guest will enjoy the opportunity to sample the cuisine, as these young cooks are the island’s future hospitality professionals.

The menu offers a nice trip around the world including Aruban, Italian, French, German and Dutch specialties, one meal at a time. The selection for each day is set – except dessert, which depends on what the pastry class is making – and foodies interested in attending lunch at EPB can call François Maduro or Aart Wittekoek at tel. 528-9791, ext. 152 and ask for the menu of the day. The school requests reservations to be made four weekdays ahead, but – should this not be possible, please contact teachers François Maduro or Aart Wittekoek, regarding seating availability.

The EPB basic vocational school is located across from the Aruba Aloe factory, the restaurant can be found adjacent to the school office entrance, easily accessible, offering ample parking.

“We ask everyone to be on time, since this is a pre-scheduled class and we request please cancel a day in advance should you not be able to attend,” the teachers say.

Date First Course Main Course Dessert
13 okt Gazpacho soup Chicken lasagna Dessert
14 okt Cream of pumpkin Fish filets w/ Creole suace Dessert
16 okt Fish cocktail. Pork medallions with mashed potatoes Dessert
20 okt Asparagus and fresh mushroom salad Beef Stew with portsauce Dessert
21 okt Shrimp Cocktail Tenderloin, red wine sauce Dessert
23 okt “Waterzooi”, with shrimp. 3 skewers a la Blom with a salad. Dessert
27 okt Green salad with goat cheese Fish filet with madras dressing Dessert
28 okt Beef tartar w/ poached eggs Tenderloin, rosemary sauce Dessert
30 okt Wrap with garlicsauce. Poched Chicken with saffran sauce. Dessert
3 nov Roasted tuna with wakame Tenderloin a la Geerman Dessert
4 nov Chicken rouleau spinach sauce Mix Seafood Linguinni Dessert
6 nov Mussels in garlic sauce. Picatta with different vegetables. Dessert
12 jan Black tiger shrimp with avocado mousse Ox-tail with sweet potatoes Dessert
13 jan Seafood Ceviche Land & Sea Dessert
15 jan Melon cocktail with white port. Tempura of fish. Dessert
19 jan Beet root soup with black tiger Broiler chicken with carrots and potatoes Dessert
20 jan Cream of mushroom Chicken Cordon blue Dessert
22 jan Consomme with herbs Steak with vegetables Dessert
26 jan Cous cous with seared fish filet and lemon sauce Mixed mushroom with goatcheese and truffeloil Dessert
27 jan Empanadas 3 way Home style curry chicken Dessert
29 jan Gazpachio. Fried fish with remoulade sauce. Dessert
2 feb Parmesan polenta with sauted filet of fish Land and sea white wine mousse Dessert
3 feb Fish and green croquette and pika di papaya home made Poached fish w/ orange butter sauce wih carrots beets cream Dessert
5 feb Bouilebaise. Beans dish with bacon and polenta. Dessert
9 feb Poched egg with marinaded portobello’s Zalm filet met lemon butter sauce and spinach melange Dessert
10 feb Thai spring rolls

Sw & Sr sauce

Asian glazed roast pork Dessert
12 feb Mini hamburger with gingersauce. Beefstew with mushroom and basil. Dessert
16 feb Ceviche a la klas UK4 Mosterd honey porkloin Dessert
17 feb Vegetable tortillas with avocado 3 way dip Cheese ravioli with craemy herbs sauce Dessert
19 feb Poched Fish rolls. Meatbread. Dessert
1 mrt Sushi mix with maki sashimi grilled fish filet with paramsan funchi Dessert
2 mrt Local chicken soup Local stew Dessert
4 mrt Lentils soup. Cabbage with spicy meat and bacon with gingersauce. Dessert
8 mrt Chefs menu Chefs menu Dessert
9 mrt Chefs menu Chef Menu Dessert
15 mrt Chefs menu Chefs menu Dessert
16 mrt Chefs menu Chef Menu Dessert
22 mrt Chef menu. Chef menu. Dessert
23 mrt Chef menu. Chef menu. Dessert