Emy Figaroa Completes 25 Years at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Palm Beach — What started as a part time position, helping the check-ins at the Caribbean Palm Beach Resort every Saturday, turned into a twenty-five year career as Emelina, better known as Emy celebrated her anniversary at a special luncheon, hosted by management at the Asian Bistro on Palm Beach.

Interim General Manager Astrid Muller supported

by members of management thanked Emy for her many contributions as a housekeeping supervisor and wished her many more years of good health and active service at the resort.

Emy reports she feels at home at Caribbean Palm Village Resort enjoying excellent relationships with timeshare owners and her colleagues, those at the housekeeping department and those at the laundry where she lends a hand when things quiet down.

Her dedication doesn’t go un-noticed, and she once received a silver award from an owner, for great service and added value camaraderie.

Emy who is single, likes to go shopping and spend some time at the casino with her nephew, having a good time together. For community work she often shops for an elderly lady, delivering groceries and checking on things.

We’re proud of her achievements and happy with Emy’s sound career choices, says Muller, seen here in the picture with Emy and other members of management at the Asian Bistro.