Edgar Bustillo Celebrates His 15th Anniversary at Caribbean Palm Village Resort

Noord – Edgar has been working at the quaint Caribbean Palm Village Resort, for the last decade and a half. He arrived in Aruba from his native Venezuela in 1990, and found work as a bartender at the famed rum shop next door to the resort, at the Rio Grande.

He soon decided to move up the street, and upon becoming the pool bartender, he immediately felt right at home, falling in love with his guests and with his work, enjoying the vacation atmosphere and the interaction with his colleagues.

Members of management Gina Tondu, Astrid Muller, Mary Werleman and Theo van Loon took time to commend Edgar on his personal commitment to the resort and its people, during the past 15 years.

Edgar who has an 11 year old daughter with his life-partner, reports he is an avid walker, swimmer and reader, hobbies he likes to share with resort guests, who flock to his bar to be entertained by his stories while sipping his delicious drinks!