Crown Makes a Donation to EPB’s Culinary Students

Hato  — When Crown Aruba heard about the donation of camera equipment to
the EPB culinary students, the company decided to complement that with the
donation of a smart TV. Teacher Bas Willemsen explained that the EPB
students, enrolled in the local basic culinary professional stream, enjoy
the conveniences of a professional kitchen at school. The restaurant
operated adjacently, the Aloe Restaurant, also serves as a practice arena,
and once a week it opens to the general public on Tuesdays, for lunch,
serving meals prepare by the students. The apace is also used for practice,
in the many other aspects of restaurant service and set up.
It was Willemsen’s idea to install a camera in the kitchen and to showcase
all the action from the kitchen in the dining room and because Casa Tua
Restaurant was happy to make this project a reality by  donating the
equipment, Crown Aruba completed it by donating the TV on which the footage
shot in the kitchen, will be shown.
Pictured here the EPB culinary students, teacher Bas Willemsen and their new
TV, at Crown Aruba.