AT TEDX Aruba, Bridging the Future with Technology, with Deloitte’s Roel van Rijsewijk

Cas Di Cultura — A very well received presentation in the recent TEDX Aruba event was that of story-teller Roel Rijsewijk, of Deloitte Netherlands, tackling the connection between sustainability and profitability. Roel described a hyper-connected future, to his audience, with free flowing information and exponentially developing technologies, an era where the rate of change is staggering, and the future uncertain with environmentalists predicting lack of food and water, and warning us to safeguard our resources.

And this is precisely why according to the Deloitte specialist, sustainability is so closely linked with profitability, as he believes that the smart use of technology would lead to abundance, when we let go of fear, and driven by compelling purpose, attract talented pioneers who even if they make mistakes, recover at a high level, learn from the past, and innovate to create real sustainable wealth. According to van Rijsewijk we can save the planet and make money doing so!

Roel van Rijsewijk leads Deloitte’s Cyber Risk Services practice in the Netherlands. With more than 12 years’ experience in risk consulting, he works for technology-enabled businesses in the field of risk management, compliance, integrity, and corporate responsibility, and is leading one of Deloitte‘s main innovation programs on trust in a digital world.